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  • Art Walk
Matching Memories - Do it yourself

We’ve got a challenge for you: Go on a treasure hunt to find the exact spot where these vintage photos were taken, match them up perfectly, and take a snapshot! Just print these photos or pull them up on your mobile device, follow the directions, and uncover history. Or, if you’d just like to sneak a peek, you can view the already paired-up photos in our \"Matched for you\" gallery.

Matching Memories - Matched for you

We\'ve done the work for you: View the matched photos from our Matching Memories project, use them to compare to your own snapshots, and learn about the history behind each location!

Findlay\'s Historic Homes

Many of Findlay\'s lovely historic homes were build during the \"Gas Boom\" era of the late 1800\'s, and can be found along South Main Street.

The Great Race

The Great Race is a cross-country rally that pits driver/navigator teams against the clock and against each other. This year, they stopped in Findlay for some Flag City fun!

Flag City Balloon

The Flag City USA Balloon

Spring Fling

There is always something fun happening in Findlay - Along with dewy grass and fresh flowers, spring holds a variety of activities in our community. Catch a glimpse!

Summer Fun

There is always something fun happening in Findlay - Our sunny summer months are packed with great events and activities. Catch a glimpse!

Fall Frolics

There is always something fun happening in Findlay - Our crisp autumn months are filled with delightful events and sights for the whole family. Catch a glimpse!

Winter Wonderland

There is always something fun happening in Findlay - Even in a world of white, there is plenty to get out and enjoy. From sledding to concerts, there is something for everyone. Catch a glimpse!


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