Findlay Brewing Company’s Tap Room

Findlay Brewing CompanyFindlay Brewing Company’s American Bitters made its appearance around time this year, and it left all of us wanting more. Soon, they started producing other beers, and then they opened up a tap room right downtown. I had kept hearing fabulous things about it and had been told more than once that it was right up my alley. I finally made it in last Friday. 

I walked in at about five, so that I could chat a bit with the owners and get a good feel for the tap room. It was a good thing, because by six, it was packed. This was a place that attracted every age (over 21, of course) and every type of person. But we all had one thing in common: We all enjoy having a good drink.

I opted to try the three of the four beers in taster glasses. I was already sure that I liked the American Bitters, so it was time to get the others a try. What I soon discovered was that the Findlay Brewing Company has a beer that fits just about every palate. While American Bitters still remains my favorite, I was also strongly attracted to the Molasses Porter. I highly suggest doing a taster of all four to find out just what will fit your tastes, as all of these beers surprised me. 

Findlay Brewing CompanyThe tap room itself is cozy and yet still quite comfortable. It has its nods to Findlay history, especially its brewing history, while also firmly establishing itself as the future. And with the beers they are producing, it is quite believable to think that this is a brewery that will only grow over time. 

What is even better is that the two owners that were working last Friday are both affable folks that easily made friends with everyone that walked through the door. And the coziness of the room itself made it easy for all of the customers to make friends with each other. That particular night, I heard stories from around town, discussions of which beer is the best and dreams for the future of Findlay beer. It felt like Cheers for the next generation. I, personally, could have spent hours there and have been perfectly happy.

The Findlay Brewing Company tap room is only open on Friday evenings, making it the ideal place to end your work week. It’s a great place to celebrate a Friday with your co-workers or to start date night with your significant other. Be sure to bring your love of beer and your love for meeting new friends, because you will have a heavy taste of both while checking out this latest Findlay gem. 

Findlay Brewing Company: American Bitter

Findlay Brewing CompanyThere has been a lot of excitement in town about a certain new business. It’s not surprising. A brewery? Downtown? It’s pretty much a no-brainer that we were all going to like the Findlay Brewing Company before they even opened their doors.  And then when the first beer became available… True love. The reviews have been positive and the community has been hungry for more. 

It was with all of these thoughts in mind that I entered Logan’s Irish Pub. A little nervous and a lot excited to be in Findlay’s Irish pub. I took my seat at the bar, next to the Leprechaun. I needed a friend in this adventure after all.

The bartender asked me what I’d like. 

I announced, “I am here to try Findlay Brewing Company’s American Bitter.”

“Would you like a taste before I pour you a glass?” 

I pondered this. This would be the safe route to take. And then I could still talk about it, but I could order another beer if I didn’t like this one. But no! This was a Findlay adventure, and this was beer! I’m committed!

“Pour me a glass!” I may have said it with too much excitement.

“16 or 20 ounce?” The bartender now had an amused look on her face.

“20 ounce, duh.” Go big or go home. 

She perfectly poured the brew and then patiently waited for my review. 

I took my first apprehensive sip, followed up by a longer gulp. I then declared, “We have a winner!” 

This was a nice smooth beer. It goes down easy and can be quite refreshing on a hot day. The name “bitter” throws you off, but don’t be afraid. There is no puckering after taking a sip of this beer. It’s mild and yet could satisfy any beer lover. 

Overall, I rate this a must-try. Not only are you supporting a terrific local company, but you are also getting something very tasty. 

Findlay Brewing Company‘s American Bitter is currently available at Logan’s Irish Pub and Findlay’s Great Scot Community Market on Broad Street. FBC has promised another restaurant will have the brew on tap, as well as a grand opening of their own shop. Plus, a new brew is on the horizon. So basically, this is just the start of a wonderful Findlay business!