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As we roll into the final days of preparation for Christmas, I took a little time to reflect on the holiday cheer that makes Findlay home.  Whether you’re a Findlay native, a transplant, or one that just comes to visit family and friends at the holidays I think you might agree with me on a thing or two on this list, or maybe you’ll even discover a tip to make your holiday experience a more enjoyable (and EASY, I’m all about easy!) experience.  A lot of it revolves around food and drink, the term Eat, Drink and be Merry was made for me!

  1. Winterfest in Downtown Findlay is a picturesque setting of holiday spirit. With Kiwanis Santa’s House at St. Andrews Church families can make a final plea with the big man himself for what they’d like under the tree, then jump on a horse drawn carriage ride and take in the beauty of the lights and good spirits on the streets of Downtown Findlay. 
    Visit Findlay director Alissa shares her top ten favorite things about Findlay at Christmas! •

    Wagon rides in Downtown during WinterFest are a great Findlay tradition!

  2. And, the tree in Dorney Plaza is always a sight to be seen! The official lighting of the tree has come and gone, but we have another opportunity to join around the tree for Caroling in Dorney Plaza on December 22.   I really like singing a good Christmas carol, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than having Findlay First Edition and the Hancock County Children’s choir drown me out!  
    Visit Findlay director Alissa shares her top ten favorite things about Findlay at Christmas! •

    Caroling around the Christmas tree in Dorney Plaza will take place Friday, December 22 – see you there!

  3. It seems as though impromptu gatherings at home happen a lot around Christmas. I am certain to have a stash of Dietsch’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Shirley’s Popcorn (Buckeye is a household fave) Wolfies Nuts and a variety of jerky from Big Jerk on hand at all times.  And just like that, it’s a party!
  4. I have two young girls and they have two grandmothers that love the tradition of decorating cookies with them. So, I take the easy road and purchase a cookie kit from Buggy Whip Bakery or Baker’s Cafe’ so we have a small selection of goodies for Santa at our house too!
  5. Champagne, period. (see point #4)  In all seriousness, no holiday is complete without a toast to good health and fortune, so champagne is a must!  Gathering Wine and Findlay Wine Merchant have great selections of bubbly! They see my smiling face multiple times throughout the month of December.  Cheers!

    Whether it is a celebration or surviving Christmas cookie decoration, the occasion calls for the big bottle of Champagne!

  6. North Pole Express at the Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation is a sight to behold. Bundle up and channel your inner-child for a train ride through a winter wonderland.  And the Christmas trees, there are over 100 beautiful Christmas trees to see.  Plus, they’re open on Christmas Day!
  7. Gift Certificates, specifically Downtown Findlay gift certificates. Talk about one stop shop, you can pick up gift certificates in $5 increments that can be used a number of participating downtown merchants.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, I’m a big fan.
  8. It’s become a Christmas Eve tradition to celebrate with family at my parent’s home. But, who wants to be slaving over a meal when you could be enjoying that time with family?  Not us!  We have a standing order with Oler’s Bar and Grill for a catered taco bar, you really can’t go wrong with that set-up.  Now, if we could just copy-cat the margarita recipe at home…
  9. Speaking of Christmas Eve, Luminaries on South Main Street is such a treat! Either driving down the full length of Main Street with Christmas music blaring or taking a stroll along the sidewalks, this is one of my very favorite Findlay traditions. 
    Visit Findlay director Alissa shares her top ten favorite things about Findlay at Christmas! •

    Luminaries up and down South Main Street on Christmas Eve are a treat!

  10. The people! Findlay is second to none when it comes to breeding good people.  While shopping, dining, volunteering for a cause or just sitting around my kitchen island, I know I’m with good people and that is  what makes the holidays HAPPY! 
    Visit Findlay director Alissa shares her top ten favorite things about Findlay at Christmas! •

    Merry Christmas!

    This post was written by Alissa Preston.  Alissa is the director of Visit Findlay, Oler’s Aficionado, and supporter of all things Findlay.  That isn’t much is it?  Learn more about Alissa here!