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Findlay ResolutionsWith the New Year approaching, we are all thinking of one thing: What we can do better in 2015.

If you’re like a lot of people, you have a whole list of things that you want to do. Guess what. Most of those can probably be done right here in Findlay!

Here are a few resolutions we are working on in 2015:

Get healthier? Use our parks.

The Hancock Park District has programs year round that can help you stay lean and fit. In the winter, you can cross country ski and snowshoe. In the summer, you can run the trails or kayak in the water or perfect a number of other sports. There always something going on to keep your body active. So if this is your resolution for 2015, check out our parks.

Try new things? Eat your way through downtown.

Have you seen how much our downtown is growing? It seems like new, amazing food keeps coming to our downtown, and if you want to try something brand new, there is no better way to do it than eating things you’ve never had before. Stix or Japan West will give you the most adventurous new tastes, but you can also try something new and yet somewhat familiar at places like Trans Am with their spin on meatballs. Downtown is truly the place to design your own new food adventure.

Dress better? Shop downtown.

Remember how we said that our downtown is growing? It’s not just brimming with great food, but also great looks. Make a stop at both Trends and The Dressing Room to upgrade your wardrobe for 2015. Both shops have great staff that can help direct you to the latest trends in outfits and accessories and help you find the best wardrobe for your lifestyle.

Be more adventurous? Ride a hot air balloon.

If all of those other resolutions sound a little tame, then knock it up a notch by putting a hot air balloon ride on your resolution list. The Flag City Balloonfest usually includes opportunities to get your own ride. So keep your eyes open in July for opportunities for fun at this August event.

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