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With the summer weather, all I can think about is beer, burgers and patios. To me, that is the perfect recipe for an amazing summer. And guess what? Alexandria‘s combines all three in spectacular fashion with their latest menu. 

Big cushy chairs that I just want to curl up into always greet me. But there is also a gorgeous bar that has old world charm. And to really enjoy all that this summer promises to give us, the patio is a must. There are no bad decisions here. 

The beer menu is abundant and full of craft beers that would make any beer snob drool. Since I love to support our local brewery, I almost always get a Findlay Brewing Company brew. And I have yet to have a beer from them that I have not loved. The Brilliant Blonde goes especially well with the warm weather. 

The “Star Wars” inspired burger menu has a little something for everyone, even a vegetarian! What’s your favorite kind of burger? Chicken? It’s there. Pork bratwurst? That’s there too. And an all american beef patty is there too. They are all tasty and must-tries. 

But what I really judge a restaurant on is their fries. Fries are always my favorite part of a meal and are just the kind of hug you look for in a meal. These fries are amazing. One of my absolute favorites in town. They go well with beer and are perfectly crispy. And the generous helping made me super excited. Not gonna lie. Totally finished every single one. 

Alexandria’s makes for an excellent after-work stop to catch up with friends. You can enjoy the warm weather or stay cool inside. Service is always attentive and the food is always tasty. And trying these burgers and fries should definitely be on your must-do list this summer!

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