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Asian GrillI walked into Asian Grill having heard great things, but I was still skeptical. My tour guide, Josh, met me right at the door and showed me to an open table. He then asked if I’d ever been to Asian Grill before.

I shook my head and said, “No.”

His eyes brightened. “Do you like sushi?”

“I’m brand new to it, but I think so.” He gave me an easy smile and went to town explaining the menu to me. He then told me what his favorites were. My head was swimming with the options, all of which sounded fantastic.

“I’ll go with spicy vegetable roll and the spicy shitake mushroom roll. He nodded in approval, as I had picked out two of his favorites.

Within seconds, my salad arrived with a light ginger dressing. I leisurely ate as I took in my surroundings. Asian Grill is casual restaurant dressed in light wood and muted colors. It’s relaxing and bright. The other customers included couples on dates, friends catching up and a family gathering. And like my waiter, Josh, it was obvious that being amazing and attentive is the rule at Asian Grill and not the exception. Easy smiles were on all of the waiters’ faces, and a sense that they do love what they do hung around all of them.

My sushi was colorful and pretty. Each bite was flavorful and light. Being that I like a lot of heat in my life, I made generous use of the wasabi which complemented already fantastic food. I could have eaten three platefuls of the sushi and still have asked for more. It was that good.

I complimented Josh on his good taste and found the bill delivered quickly. All in all, this is a place that I will visit many times.

Asian Grill is great place for sushi lovers and sushi newbies alike. The staff knows the menu backwards and forwards and can easily direct you to something that you will love.   

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