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Bread KneadsThere is nothing that makes us happier than when one of our local business grows. And when it’s one of our yummy restaurants? Well… let’s just say that we’re in heaven.

I grabbed a friend and headed over to the new location of Bread Kneads in our downtown. Our beautiful downtown has been growing, and it was nice to have the chance to welcome one of our favorite lunch spots to the family of downtown businesses.

This is a much more minimalistic Bread Kneads, and yet it’s still very inviting. The art work welcomes you with a more upscale café feel. But the immediate friendliness of those working behind the counter reminds you that you are still in the Bread Kneads we’ve all grown to love. In fact, while I made a decision about what to eat, I compared favorite bargain shopping techniques with the person taking my order. It was our own version of a lunch and learn.

Bread Kneads is a fantastic option for picking up a quick lunch or to stay for a more relaxing meal. On this day, I was definitely up for hanging out and chatting with my friend. Our food was made quickly, as we both pondered just what delicious cookie or pastry to have as a dessert. She went for an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I decided to go big with a pecan roll. Because really, calories don’t count when you stop at Bread Kneads.

Bread Kneads FoodOur sandwiches were perfect. The tasty fresh bread we had been enjoying for many years and the crisp, fresh veggies made us both happy. I warmed up with the soup of the day. I’m not going to lie: The soup is my favorite part of Bread Kneads. It just seems like while it warms you up, it is also giving you a hug. That is a trademark of a great soup. My friend opted for the famous pasta salad, another dish that makes just about everyone happy.

As we finished our lunch, we picked at our respective desserts, not really planning to finish them. But the problem with Bread Kneads is that their cookies and pastries are so amazing that once you start, you just can’t stop. And that pecan roll was really, really good.

So stop into Bread Kneads location downtown and check out why we are all so excited to welcome the new location!

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