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There are many 5K’s and races coming to Hancock County in the next few months and to prepare your body for peak athletic performance make sure you treat it right!  Load up on pasta, pizza, pancakes and every other healthy carb you can get your hands on.  Here are a few places to carbo-load in Hancock County!

Joey Fratello’s

116 E. Sandusky St., Findlay

Known for its New York style pizza, you will love the Joey Fratello’s.  Order a pizza, sub, calzone or spaghetti and meatballs to prepare for your big race!

Southside Family Restaurant

3050 S. Main St., Findlay

Great for a home-cooked meal in preparation for the race.  Southside Family Restaurant features a great breakfast special every day from 7-11 a.m.; you can get eggs, potatoes, meat and toast for just $5.19!  You can’t beat that.

Rossilli’ssalmon (2)

217 S. Main St., Findlay

If you can’t decide between pizza or pasta then carbo-load at Rossilli’s for both!  Featuring signature pasta dishes as well as specialty pizzas, this downtown restaurant is a stop that cannot be missed.

pilgrimPilgrim Family Restaurant

1505 W. Main Cross St., Findlay

Sometimes, pancakes are the only thing that are going to hit the spot.  At Pilgrim Family Restaurant you can order a delicious breakfast all day, make sure you prepare for your race right and order the largest stack of buckwheat pancakes possible!

 The Bistro on Main


407 S. Main St., Findlay

If you’re going to carbo-load, do it right.  The Bistro is a high dining experience with excellent food and drinks.  At The Bistro you are safe ordering any pasta dish, everything is excellent.  Swing by after the race is over and treat yourself and your friends to a celebratory drink!

For more dining options in Hancock County, check out our restaurant listings.  For information about upcoming events in the Hancock County area, see our event calendar.  


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