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Cedar Valley Cafe Hommous

I walked into Cedar Valley Cafe and found myself in a crisp, bright room. I was directed to find my own seat. After surveying the restaurant, I chose a corner booth: the best place to get a feel for what makes this place tick. 

I picked up a menu and started making my way through it. It was filled with traditional Lebanese cuisine and had American favorites as well. It was a no-brainer for me. When in a Lebanese restaurant, you have to try the hommous. My main dish was a bit harder to pick out. There were many choices that sounded amazing. But after narrowing it down, I finally settled on vegetarian kabobs with fries. Yes, I could have gone more traditional, but there is just something awesome about dipping fries into hommous.

Cedar Valley Cafe KabobsTwo smiling waitresses made their way through the place. When one found my table, I put in my order. The service here is excellent. There wasn’t a time that I wasn’t treated like the most important person here, and that seemed like a theme throughout, from the obvious long-time customers to the teenagers giggling in the opposite corner. Everyone that works at Cedar Valley Cafe seem to treat it like an honor that they get to work in this beautiful place, serving this great food. 

My hommous came out quickly. I gingerly dipped my pitas into it, enjoying every little bit of it. And before I knew it, my vegetarian kabobs followed. All of the vegetables were crisp and well-seasoned. And yes, the fries tasted amazing dipped into my hommous. The lightness and the freshness of the meal made me feel like summer had arrived, although it’s still a few weeks early. And the portions were large and more than a fantastic value for the price. It was all over an extremely enjoyable meal.

Cedar Valley Cafe is a great place for friends to meet up or for a casual family meal. Either way, you’ll get yummy feed and a smile on your face. 

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