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Dietsch BrothersAll of our hearts are aflutter right now, and we can’t help but spread love to those that we care about.

Whether it’s girl friends, a sweetheart, little ones or our parents, love takes many forms and we should really take the time to celebrate it to the max. Thankfully, we can do that in so many ways in Findlay.

Here are just a few of our recommendations:

Celebrate your girl friends

Do you have the best girls in the land? Do they constantly come through when no one else does? Then celebrate with a night out! We suggest making a stop at The Wine Merchant. With tasty bites and a large selection of great wines, you’ll have all of the ingredients for a night that you will never want to end. And a beautiful place to plan more crazy escapades together.

Celebrate your sweetheart

You’ve met the person that is perfect for you, and you just can’t get that smile off of your face. Just the thought of being in the same room as that person makes your heart skip a beat! Then plan a date at The Gathering. You can start at The Gathering Wine where you can sip on a wine from their collection and then move over to the restaurant for the perfect atmosphere and food for a romantic night of staring into each other’s eyes.

Celebrate your family

Your kids may be the real loves of your life, and there is nothing that makes you smile more than hearing their giggles. What brings on giggles more than anything? Endless bowls of ice cream. Indulge with your kids at Dietsch Brothers and fall in love them again as they bounce in their chairs while scooping spoon after spoon of the tastiest ice cream in the land into their mouths.

Celebrate your parents

They brought you into the world and helped you become the person that you are today. Thank them by making a stop at The Bourbon Affair. Your mom will love the perfectly mixed cocktails. Your dad will drool over the amazing bourbon list and the attached cigar bar. Both of them will be amazed by the speakeasy theme and your obvious good taste.

Need something a little different? Take a look at our list of our local restaurants. And know that however you choose to celebrate the loves in your life, just taking the time to celebrate them is probably the best gift you can possibly give.

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