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Wish Children's Boutique

“Give me your wallet.” My friend held her hand out lazily.

“I’m an adult. I can make responsible decisions.”

“Have you ever shown the slightest sign of having self-control in a children’s store?” She looked up from her computer with an amused smile on her face.

“True, but today could be the day.” She chuckled and I left the office without my wallet.

Perhaps this was the smart way to walk into Wish Children’s Boutique. Perhaps, but it was a whole lot less fun. I do have lots of kids in my family after all.

This new Downtown Findlay boutique dazzled me immediately with its colorful styles. Darling pinks and gorgeous blues.

As my mouth began forming the ooos and aaaahs as I made mental notes of my favorites, the owner greeted me with a friendly smile. She showed me some of her favorites and we gushed over how lucky kids are to be able to wear so many adorable things.

And that was before I looked at the dancewear.

I grew up in dance classes, so those little leotards with matching tights and tutus brought a wave of nostalgia to me. But everything is so much cuter than when I was doing my pliés at the barre. Obviously my niece would need one of everything for her ballet classes.

Then the owner took me back to the ribbon wall. To say I got excited would be an understatement. I bounced on my toes as I dreamed of all the ways I could dress up my niece’s hair from this wall.

But if you’re getting the idea that this is just a store for girls, I assure you that is not true. I found just as many things that my one year old nephew definitely needed, like now. In addition to stuffed animals dotted around the store that I just wanted to squeeze before giving them to him. Because yes, he needs one of each of those as well.

Wish Children’s Boutique is a wonderful new addition to our downtown with its dazzling colors and whimsy. I felt constantly torn between wanting to be small again and wanting to buy everything they had for my niece and nephew.

And yes, I guess there will be a reason why my wallet will be taken from me every time I say I’m going there. There are just too many adorable things!