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Coffee Amici GiftsIt’s so easy to go all out on your gifts for your mom. But what about your dad?

Your dad deserves to spoiled too! He likely took just as much time to get you to rehearsals and practices as a kid, and he’s the reason why you are who you are today. So take some time to reward him this holiday season.

Stuck on what to get him? We have a few ideas:

Sweets & Coffee Gifts

We’re about to move into a chilly season, so there’s no better way to show your dad that you love him than to help keep him warm this winter. Pick him up a gift card to Coffee Amici. He’ll be able to get his morning coffee and a sweet treat from one of our local bakeries all in one location. And you’ll win favorite child status since he will definitely think of you during those cold January mornings.

Nuts & Beer Gifts

Has your dad gotten into the craft beer movement? Then you need to make a stop at Wolfie’s Nuts. If your dad is a homebrewer, you can get help selecting ingredients or equipment that will take his beer to the next level. If he prefers to just drink tasty craft beer, then you can find some of the best here. Once you have selected a favorite for dad, ask about what nuts to pair with it. The staff at Wolfie’s has tried all of the combinations and can give you the best match. If you’re lucky, maybe your dad will share with you Christmas night. But you better pick your own beer and nuts too, just in case.

Make a Date Gifts

Just like your mom, the present your dad will cherish the most is simply spending time with you. Make your present a date night with him and take him to The Bourbon Affair. With their expansive bourbon menu, you can create a tasting that will delight even the most knowledgeable bourbon fan. And as you sip on your drinks, you can reconnect with your dad. That’s probably the biggest gift you can give any parent this holiday season.

We have many other Findlay gifts that your dad would like as well. Check out our local restaurants and shops for their specials to spoil your dad in all of the best ways.

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