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Dietsch BrothersLet’s be honest: Your mom is awesome.

She’s spent a lot of time cleaning up after you, cooking for you and driving you all over town. And that’s why you need to find something awesome for your mom. Those big box stores just won’t do. Instead, check out our local shops for lots of great options.

Here are just a few of the gifts we think your mom would love:

A New Outfit

Your mom probably doesn’t spend nearly enough on herself, so right that wrong this holiday season. Treat her with a gift card to Trends! on Main or The Dressing Room, so she can have her own personal shopping spree. Or talk to the great salespeople at these two locations about items that you can get your mom that will help her spruce up her wardrobe. With affordable prices at both of these locations, you can easily find budget-friendly items or you can splurge on your mom too!

Wine & Chocolate

Wine and chocolate are clichés for a reason: They taste pretty awesome together. And they’re decadent enough that your mom probably doesn’t splurge on them nearly enough. Get yourself to Dietsch Brothers to pick out an amazing box of chocolate (they will even gift wrap it for you!), and then go to either The Wine Merchant or Gathering Wine. Show them what chocolate you picked out and they’ll help you pair it with the best wine to go with it. Your mom will be in heaven.

Date Night With You

Your mom probably just wants one thing this holiday season: more time with you. So make her dream come true. Plan a night together for just the two of you, so you can spoil her while she catches up on what’s going on in your life. Start with dinner in Downtown Findlay at one of our many excellent restaurants. And then take her to a show at our Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. Your mom will definitely have a smile on her face after a night like that.

And we have many more gifts that your mom would love! Take a stroll downtown to check out our many shops to find something that she will love.

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