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“Carbs day.” I blurted that out to my friend as we were trying to decide where we should go for lunch. 

Carbs… carbs…. Where we could go and get the maximum number of carbs? Findlay’s newest pizza restaurant, of course! Fireside Brick Oven Pub and Grill just recently opened on Main Street in Downtown Findlay, and this was our perfect opportunity to test it out. 

We walked into a beautiful space. It has a charmingly modern feel. The bricks and wood gives it the feeling the like it’s been here forever, and the lighting and ambiance adds a very warm feeling on top of that. You can find historic photos of Findlay hanging on the wall, as well as work from local artists. The amount of work and love that went into every single detail of this space is apparent. 

We settled into a table about midway into the restaurant, which gave us a good view of the open kitchen. Our eyes went straight to the menu and just what kind of carbs we’d be getting that day. 

Fireside Brick Oven Pub and Grill interiorOur server greeted us with a smile and pointed out some of her favorite menu items. 

I decided on the olive oil and bread plate. Quickly after the order was in, it was on our table. Wood-fired flat bread with a dish of olive oil and spices nestled in the center. Simple but beautiful presentation. And so tasty. As I talked with my friend, we couldn’t stop ourselves from constantly digging in. 

For the star of lunch, we ordered two pizzas to share. We went with the Margherita and the Veg-a-copia. The Margherita was a great classic take. This was my friend’s favorite. I was in love with the Veg-a-copia. The balsamic drizzle and extra helping of arugula gave the pizza a more artisan feel and made me feel like I was eating something really special. 

Overall, we had a great experience. Food was served quickly, so we were in and out with plenty of time to get back to work. But at the same time, both of us felt like we could have happily stayed there longer, snacking on the remnants of our pizzas and chatting about life. 

This is a good stop for families, friends or dates. You’d be hard pressed to find an occasion that Fireside Brick Oven Pub and Grill. In addition, a patio will be opening soon. And based on how beautiful the restaurant is, we have no doubt that this will be an awesome place to hang out this summer. 

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