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Everyone loves a little bit of a challenge, right? Well, we’ve got a fun one for you!

We’ve collected a series of 15 vintage photos from around Findlay’s historic downtown. Your mission is to go on a treasure hunt to find the exact spot where these vintage photos were taken, match them up perfectly, and take a snapshot! Cool, huh?!

You don’t have to be a Findlay expert to have fun with this project. Just print these photos or pull them up on your mobile device, look up the address and follow the directions we have listed, and have a blast uncovering a little local color!

Or, if you’d just like to sneak a peek, compare your work, or learn more about each of the 15 locations and their history, you can view the already paired-up photos and their background information in our “Matched for you” gallery.

Have fun, and let us know how it goes!

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