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Gathering WineAs I sat on my barstool in perfect peace, I picked up my phone and texted my friend. “I’m never leaving here. Please forward all mail to Gathering Wine.” I, of course, included a picture of my wine glass in the gorgeous interior to make my point. The immediate response was, “I want everything in that photo in my life right now.”

I couldn’t describe Gathering Wine any better than that.

Let’s start with the wine. There are over six hundred bottles of wine. All beautifully organized in a spacious room with exposed brick. You’ll find something at every price point, including some rarer wines as well. In fact, part of the space is enclosed in glass to provide a climate-controlled area for those wines.

And then there are the wine lockers. Yes, wine lockers. Do you have a special bottle of wine that you want to save? You can actually rent a locker in the climate-controlled area. Or you can just store it there to celebrate an occasion either at the Gathering Wine or The Gathering Restaurant.

If you want to get a taste of the amazing wine, there is a revolving tasting menu of fifteen wines. It changes weekly, and to me, that’s a reason to make a weekly date there. They take great pride in what it is put on the menu, so you can be almost guaranteed to find a new favorite.

Gathering WineAs you sip on your wine, you can either sit at the bar or one of the many tables. There is plenty of room for anything from an intimate night for two or a raucous night with the girls. And really, this is a perfect spot for both of those evenings.

Need a little bit of food to go with your wine? You can order both a cheese plate or charcuterie board. Just like the wine, the components are chosen with pride. Making sure customers have an amazing experience is job number one for the Gathering Wine, and they take that job extremely seriously right down to the cheese plate.

But what if your sweetie is not a big wine fan? Don’t worry. A great selection of beer is also available. So while you enjoy your red, he can sip on a fantastic craft beer.

This is all just the beginning though. Gathering Wine has a patio that will likely become the star when the warmer weather comes to stay. You might find everything from live music to grilling out happening there during the summer season. And I can’t think of anything better than listening to a great band with a red in my hand.

So yes, please forward all of my mail to Gathering Wine, because I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

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