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The George House Coffee & Tea Company is a local gem and they have quite a fan in blogger, Aaron Cruz:

It has the old school feel of a library/bookstore. No music plays in the background leading to a quiet atmosphere, when not many people are around to get work done or hang out. You can pick up any used (some antiquated) book off the shelves to read and buy if you choose. I usually find something to flip through each time I’m there.

They have countless specialty coffees, tea, espresso and iced drinks as well as shakes, sandwiches and other snacks. My favorite drinks are the hot Butter Crunch and Monkey Tail coffees. All the drinks are reasonably priced…

…Lot’s of people make the drive up and down I-75 between Michigan and the southern states. George House is the perfect place to take a break and a get jump on the rest of the drive with some caffeine. They open early and close late every day so if [you’re] ever in Northwest Ohio I’d definitely recommend making a stop at George House Coffee and Tea Company.

Read more about George House Coffee and Tea Company over at Aaron’s blog.

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