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Ballreich Potato ChipsSummer is amazing time in Findlay. It’s so amazing that we even created a bucket list of things you NEED to do.

But as we all know, it’s sometimes the little things that make for an unforgettable summer. Those are the things kids remember and stick with them through adulthood. So if you are looking for those little things, try one of these cheap and fun classic Findlay summer activities.

Run Barefoot through Riverside Park

When it’s summer, being barefoot is almost mandatory. Our favorite place to do that is at Riverside Park. Whether you’re playing a game of catch, picnicking or just playing tag, this is the place to feel the grass on your toes. Prepare for an afternoon of uncontrollable giggles with your family.

Snack on Ballreich’s Potato Chips

Every kid growing up in Findlay has a memory of eating Ballreich’s Potato Chips during summer picnics. And yes, usually barefoot. This Northwest Ohio delicacy can be found many places in Findlay, including Bread Kneads. Its saltiness matches perfectly with all of those sweet summer treats everyone craves.

Dietsch BrothersSplit a box of scoops of Dietsch’s Ice Cream

You just can’t do summer with Dietsch’s. But instead of fighting over which flavor you should get for your next family get-together, you can get a box of scoops with a sampling of Dietsch’s great flavors. Everyone is happy and your party becomes the best ever.

Get Root Beer Floats at the Lima Avenue Root Beer Stand

Summer demands root beer. And the best root beer around can be found at the Lima Avenue Root Beer Stand. Take it to the next level by getting floats and trying the hot dogs. The drive-in atmosphere will make for some fun family memories and will make your kids want to come back for more of this fun treat.

What does your classic Findlay summer look like? 

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