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wine merchantLet’s be honest: There’s nothing that recharges you more than have a blast with your best girl friends. Lots of laughs are had and ridiculous plans are made at girls’ night, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you looking for a fun night with girls? In Findlay, we have so many choices that you can plan for MANY girls’ nights right in town.

Here are some of our favorites:

Wine Night

Wine night is probably the most popular activity you can do for girls’ night, and we have some excellent choices.

Want your wine with some tasty pizzas (because calories don’t count on girls’ night)? Hit up The Wine Merchant. The Wine Merchant is always featuring creative wine flights that you and your friends can try to discover a new favorite.

Or maybe you’re looking for a beautiful patio to enjoy your wine on? The Gathering Wine not only provides that beautiful patio, but with its gorgeous mural, you just can’t beat the view. And its fire pit will warm you up on those chilly Fall nights.

Perhaps you want to create your own flights and taste test many different wines with your friends? You can’t beat our newest kid on the block, DiVine Wine Bar. Since it is self-serve, you can create all kinds of combinations for your own wine tasting with friends.

StixAdventurous Dinner

Sometimes we get so caught up in a meat and potatoes diet that we forget all of the other fantastic foods that are out there that are just waiting for us to try them. And you know what? We have some awesome restaurants in town that are not afraid to be adventurous!

Thinking Japanese? There is no more authentic Japanese restaurant than Japan West. You can get lost in the sushi menu, but don’t worry. The waiters are great guides to point you to exactly what you should try. And you can try a little of this and a little of that, because when you’re with your girl friends, it’s all about sharing.

How about some Indian? Talk about a great place to share food. Punjabi Kitchen definitely fits that bill. And with their dinners for two (both vegetarian and not), you’ll have plenty to sample. Or you can be even more adventurous and order several different items from their menu. Either way, you’re in for a tasty treat.

What about a little fusion? Stix is your perfect stop for Asian fusion. There are many small plate options that would be great for a taster dinner. Plus, it is BYOB, so you can always bring your own bottles of wine!

Findlay Events

There are a ton of events coming up in Findlay and Hancock County that are perfect for girl friends! Just check our Events Calendar and make a plan.

One that you can’t miss is Third Thursday. All of our downtown shops stay open a bit longer with some pretty awesome sales, which means that you can shop with your friends so you get that instant enabling. Plus, many of the local restaurants have specials that you won’t be able to get at any time. It is the perfect way to check out all that Downtown Findlay has to offer.

So get your girl friends together and plan your girls’ night in Findlay now!

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