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Healthy Living in Hancock CountyThe most popular New Year’s Resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle.  In Hancock County there are many opportunities to do just that.  Every week we will be featuring a different way for healthy living in Hancock County and this week is restaurants with gluten free options!

The Bistro on Main

The Bistro on Main is a formal dining option in Downtown Findlay and while they have some delicious, heavy pasta options they also have healthy options as well!  The Bistro has some really delicious gluten free options.  Pair one of their amazing dishes with a glass of wine and you have a delicious and healthy dinner!

Paradise Pizza

Paradise Pizza has some of the best pizza and subs in Findlay and their gluten free pizza crust is just as good.  Load this pizza up with veggies and keep it healthy all around!

Main Street Deli

Main Street Deli is known for their unique subs and delicious cookies.  Those with gluten allergies or pursuing a gluten free diet can still have their Main Street Deli fix!  Main Street Deli has delicious soups, breads and treats that are all gluten free!

We Serve. Coffee

We Serve. Coffee is a small coffee shop located on Sandusky Street and they have a special mission.  Not only do they sell delicious, specialty grade and directly traded coffee from organic and sustainable coffee farms but they also donate 100% of profits go to local or global charities.  Not only do they have delicious coffee and  hot chocolate, they also feature many gluten free treats!

Buggy Whip Bakery

Buggy Whip Bakery is known for their delectable and beautiful cakes and cookies.  Lucky for those trying healthy living in 2015 Buggy Whip Bakery also has gluten free desserts!  Their variety changes day-to-day so stop in and peruse their selection!

Great Scot Community Market

While all of the grocery stores in Hancock County have a good selection of gluten free options, Great Scot has a wide selection of gluten free alcohol.  You can create your own 6 pack comprised of clearly-marked gluten free beer for a variety or you can pick up a case of your favorite.  They also have growlers available to purchase and fill and frequently feature a gluten free beer on tap.  If you need assistance, make sure to grab an associate, they are always willing to help!

Tried and True Favorites

Everyone has their favorite restaurants and, luckily, you can keep eating gluten free at these restaurants as well!  Olive Garden, Ralphies, Chipotle, Outback and Domino’s Pizza all offer a gluten free menu.  Stop by one of these and pick up a gluten free version of your favorite dish.

Good luck with your healthy living goals in 2015!  For more healthy living options check out our blog posts on eating vegetarian in Findlay and how to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions in Findlay.

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