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John V Hartman HouseThe John V. Hartman House struck me the very first time I saw it. I didn’t see it on my first venture out photographing the beautiful homes of Findlay. It took several ventures before I came upon Glendale Avenue and the treasure it holds. It was springtime. The house was radiating with color and new life. It almost looked like the house belonged to a fantasy world, and Findlay had just been lucky enough to open a portal to capture its beauty.

The house was built in 1928 and is in the Tudor style. It is one of the first homes to be built with an attached garage. The Hartman family was the first family to live in the home. John VanHorn Hartman was born in Hancock County and became chief of staff and chief of surgery at the local hospital. His wife, Zoe, was an elementary school teacher and then later taught English at Findlay High School. 

With its first owner, the house began its long career of providing shelter to many doctors. Dr. John Roth, the next owner, played an important role in establishing the Hancock County Red Cross Chapter’s first blood program. Then Dr. Robert E. Miller married the next owner, Ruth Brewer. He had moved from Wisconsin to practice internal medicine in Findlay. Finally, the current owners are the Scheaffers, and not surprisingly, Jerry Scheaffer is a dentist. 

The Scheaffers added a large family room to the rear of the house that also includes a dance floor. They have also impeccably maintained the grounds, making this one of the most beautifully landscaped homes in Findlay. It is a great example of why you should venture off the beaten path and check out the beauty of Findlay side streets. 

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Many of the facts in this post were collected from the book, Porches & Parlors, which is available for sale at the Hancock Historical Museum

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