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Hot chocolate at We Serve. CoffeeThis time of year is filled with lots of twinkly lights and halls that are decked. But it’s also filled with white flakes that quietly fall from the sky. And with that, comes a bit of chilly weather.

But there is so much to see and do in our town during this season! From all of the local residents that are decorating their beautiful homes in holiday attire to local festivals such as Winterfest, this is the perfect time to have some winter fun outdoors in Findlay. 

The best way to keep warm during this season? With some hot chocolate, of course!

So with my hands tucked in a pair of mittens and the rest of me bundled up in an oversized coat, I entered We Serve. Coffee. It is a very cheery place, and I’m always greeted with a warm smile. My eyes scrolled over the menu, and I also eyed the pastry case longingly. 

“I’ll have a cup of hot chocolate, please.”

“Dark or milk?”

“Wait, what?”

The cashier giggled. “We have both here!”

A choice? I racked my brain and couldn’t come up with a time that I had ever had hot dark chocolate. My decision was made. “Dark!” And then I paused and glanced back at the pastry case. “And one of those butterscotch scones too.”

She grinned. “Excellent choices. The butterscotch scones are my favorite.” I smiled as I thought about how I had yet to not make an excellent choice at We Serve. Coffee.

I took my spot in the front window, where I could easily spy on any snow that decided to make an appearance. My hot chocolate and scone quickly followed me. And I grabbed my oversized cup with both of my hands and took my first wonderful sip. I judge hot chocolates by how quickly they warm you up and how they fill you up with that lovely chocolatiness. This did both within an instant and quickly made me ready to experience all of the feelings the holiday season brings with it.

And after I drained the cup of its chocolate elixir and gained added sustenance from the perfect complement, the butterscotch scone, I was fully warmed for outdoor adventures. I tucked my hands back into my mittens and bundled back up into my coat. I was ready to discover all the holiday season held in Findlay. 

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