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2014-08-09 15.42.57-1Summer is winding down, and it’s obvious that we’re all trying to enjoy those last few bits of of that warm weather goodness. For me, that meant trying out the frozen yogurt place that many of my friends had raved about.

I entered Iggy’s Self Serve Frozen Yogurt having never been to a self-serve frozen yogurt location before. So I was a bit confused when I walked in. I saw a buffet of toppings and had no idea of where to start. Luckily, Iggy’s has some very helpful employees.

I was pointed to the frozen yogurt machines and given a cup. I could put anything I wanted in it. I could put just one kind of frozen yogurt, a swirl of two or as many kinds as I wanted. And then the buffet of toppings could be thrown into the mix any way I wanted it to be. This was true power, folks! The power to be as weird in my culinary concoction as I wanted!

Well, in theory anyway. I played it safe and chose just a single frozen yogurt: peanut butter. And with an overwhelming selection of toppings, I decided anything chocolate would be mine. Chocolate and peanut butter is my weakness in all things, and when given all of the choices in the world, that is what I will choose. Because it’s always an amazing choice.

I took my creation to the great employee that had helped me make my selections. At Iggy’s, you pay for your yogurt based on weight. You can get quite a bit in your cup and still pay less than $5.

I paid and took my yogurt outside to enjoy it on their brightly colored chairs. It was a perfect day on Main Street for people watching, and I was lucky enough to meet a dog that was waiting for his owner to come out to retrieve him. Yes, the dog begged for me a bit of my yogurt, but I was not in a sharing mood. A great yogurt base and tasty toppings were all mine today. My favorite of the chocolate toppings that filled my cup? It has to be the brownie bites. A little chewy with a big chocolate taste went perfectly with my peanut butter yogurt.

Iggy’s has two locations. I checked out the downtown location, but there is also one on Tiffin Avenue. And if you want to get a deal on your frozen yogurt, check out their Facebook page for the Name of the Day for 50% off of your yogurt creation. And there is nothing better than 50% off of a terrific summery treat.

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