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photo-4-4I entered Kiya Papaya Boutique and was greeted by a store so full of color that I didn’t know where to look first. My eyes went from the hair ribbons hanging from clothes lines on the ceiling to the bright tutus hanging on the walls to the little outfits that anchored it all in the middle of the store.

I walked around, letting my hands fall on all of the beautiful fabrics at regular intervals. It was then that I realized that despite all of the shopping I’ve been doing for the little ones that have made appearances in the last year, I had never seen most of what I was looking at. From the adorable appliques to the fluffy ruffles, there were a lot of unexpected surprises in this store. And with a growing boys section, the fun isn’t just left to girls.

Findlay has a definite love of its locals, and Kiya Papaya Boutique definitely has that love at its core. They stock from local designers, which means that their items truly are unique. And as you can tell from their Facebook page, they are are willing to cater to almost every whim you have for your little cutie. Nothing demonstrated that more than when a customer came in after me.

Right away, the owner popped up and said, “I’m so glad you came in. I found the perfect outfit for your little girl.” Within a few minutes, I heard the mom exclaim how much her child would love it. Not only are they stocking these local designs, but they know their customers well enough to match them with the perfect one.

photo-3-7And you don’t have to be a local to enjoy this store. The energy of the owner, Kris, will make anyone feel like they are her oldest friend. She has a warm smile and a personality that stands up to the beauty of her store. But then again, who wouldn’t be the happiest person on earth when your job is to make every child that enters your store even more adorable?

So if you are looking for a great shopping experience while picking out the perfect outfit for your child, check out Kiya Papaya. And then ask about the birthday parties and other events that can make your baby even more special. For a bonus, go to the back of the store and you’ll find homegoods section filled with candles and woodworking like you’ve never seen. A stop to Kiya Papaya Boutique will leave you with surprise after surprise. And possibly a big smile too.


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