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Dear LaScola,

I kind of have a secret I didn’t tell you when I met you: I think I’m in love with you. I know this is fast (I’ve only met you once!), and yes, I know I have a boyfriend. But there is a good chance that I’d consider leaving him for you. You’re just that amazing.

Our first date started like any other restaurant. I was seated and my drink order was immediately taken. “Good service,” I thought, and although it was a good thought to have, I was too interested in the menu to completely care at that point. There were just so many choices. So many possibilities for one little stomach. Okay, fine. It’s not little, but there is still a limit to how much I can put into it at one time.

After settling on a few items, the waitress took my order. “You can say bruschetta the right way. I appreciate that,” Dessey the Waitress said as a smile spread across her face.

“I’m Italian. I have to,” I replied. It was a quick exchange, but it was a bonding moment. I may have started out driving the car on this adventure, but Dessey took the keys right at this second.

My mushroom bruschetta was brought out. The bread was thinly sliced and just lightly toasted. The mushrooms were fresh and the crumbly cheese was melty. But the star? Yeah, that would be the sauce. I don’t know what the chef puts in that sauce, but I had to resist asking for a bucket to dive into.

And then the salad was brought. It was understated. I might have something against fancy salads. This walked that fine line. It would make someone like me that wants you to get rid of that foo foo stuff and somebody that is all about that foo foo both happy.

My entree made an entrance. The butternut ravioli itself could make anyone happy. Mix it with the goat cheese and the nutty sauce? It really needs a parade following it, because there were totally fireworks in my mouth. And yes, I had to resist licking the bowl. I’m a class act like that.

Dessey then brought the dessert menu. I think she had made plans of rolling me out of there. People that love you always make plans like that. She made a couple of recommendations, but as soon as I heard the words “creme brulee cheesecake”, I really didn’t need her to go any further. She smiled and quickly brought me a piece. A few minutes later, she checked on me and the cheesecake, except one of us was no longer there. I won’t tell you which one, but I will tell you that I was offered another piece of cheesecake.

I was then surprised by the chef coming out to greet me. He told me more about the restaurant, including the fact that they can make every item on the menu gluten-free and that he is dedicated to having a great selection of vegetarian items since his wife is vegetarian. But we only talked briefly about the restaurant. Two people that appreciate food this much were much more comfortable talking about food scenes and the cool food combinations that were being made. In fact, Dessey had to be the one to tell me about their wine tasting events that were becoming a big part of the restaurant.

So I’m not 100% sure that it is possible to marry a restaurant, but I am looking into it. In the meantime, I will be bringing girlfriends, family and the aforementioned boyfriend to check out what they are cooking up at LaScola Tuscan Grill. Everyone should check out this awesomeness.

Thank you for bringing this to us, and I will see you soon.

Hugs & Kisses,

Your Friendly Findlay Blogger

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