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Marathon Center for the Performing ArtsIt all started with a dream.

The dream was to do more than just tear down another building. It was to create something new from the Central Middle School. To make it into something our city could be proud of.

And from there, the hard work began.

Blood, sweat and tears went into raising the money and making this dream a possibility. Slowly, brick by brick, the dream went from possibility to reality. And that reality opened its doors on December 18.

For that reason, we are very proud to welcome the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts to the Findlay community.

By taking a step inside, you will be filled with nostalgia. So many elements from the school have been saved that you will instantly feel at home. If you went there, you will realize that Central Middle School is at the heart of this project and will never leave it.

But then, so much more was added. Many historic items that fit the art deco feel of the building were brought in to complement the wonderful history the building already had. It makes you feel like you are stepping inside a theater that has been here forever rather than one that just opened its doors.

Marathon Center for the Performing ArtsHowever, this is a modern theater that is ready for big name shows. The technical aspects are all top-notch and would make some big city theaters drool. The comforts of a modern audience were also taken into account, with touches such as slightly bigger and much more comfortable seating. This is the place to see the best of theater in absolute comfort.

What will really wow you though is simply walking into the atrium. It’s absolutely stunning in its openness. Where the atriums of most theaters make you feel somewhat claustrophobic, the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts instantly welcomes its guests. Just a glance from that atrium shows you that there is much more than the theater here. There is a gallery that will welcome many exhibits through the years. There is a concession stand that will provide refreshments to many families in the future. And there are event rooms that will celebrate significant events in the lives of many of our local residents.

We are so lucky to have you in our community, Marathon Center for the Performing Arts, and we look forward to celebrating you for many years to come.

Be sure to check their upcoming season and buy your tickets now.

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