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National Dachshund RaesThere are some things that come with Fall in Findlay: The leaves change, a crispness is in the air and… the dachshunds race!

After hearing countless things about the National Dachshund Races, I went last year, not really sure what I would find. Before I even entered the building, I was greeted with puppy love. If there is one thing I learned about dachshunds on this day, it’s that they love attention, and as I leaned over to give those special scratches behind the ears, I have to admit that I loved giving it. 

I paid a small fee and I was in. It was far different than anything I could have imagined. There were obviously dogs everywhere, just waiting for their moments of glory. There was a fenced-in area where all of the action happened and everyone’s attention was split between that and the cuties waiting for their turn. The audience was split between those, like me, that were just curious, and those that took it seriously. I spied puppy pins and tees dotted throughout the audience.

National Dachshund RacesI settled in near the finish line, when the next group of champions were called up. Unlike the other groups, this was the puppy class. The proud pet parents scooted up to a finish line that was just a little bit closer. And within seconds, they were off! Before I knew it, it was over and the winner was covering his owner in a slew of puppy kisses. There were a couple wanderers, but that didn’t matter. All of us, including their owners, giggled and smiled at the obvious puppy antics. 

Not every race ended so quickly. Some dogs were just not convinced that it was a good day to run. Others were very interested in all of the people cheering them on. But all in all, every race provided a heart-warming moment that made you just want to hug (and even adopt) this adorable breed of dog with their short legs and big hearts.

This is a great event for animal lovers and kids. It’s a perfect activity for families on a budget and will delight all ages. So get to the National Dachshund Races this weekend and have a blast!

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