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Punjabi Kitchen FoodThere’s a new kid in town, and it’s already making waves in the Findlay food scene. 

I received a message from a friend a few weeks ago that simply said, “If you haven’t made a stop at Punjabi Kitchen yet, DO IT!” I responded that I would and then tried to remember the last time I had had Indian food. Eight years ago. I couldn’t even remember if I liked it. But then the rave reviews started coming. It was time to try Indian food again. 

A quick check of their website gave me the menu. I couldn’t quite decide on what I would want until I saw that there was a buffet at lunch time. Hmmm… The ability to try many different dishes without spending a lot of money? That pretty much is the perfect plan for anyone that is newish to Indian food. So that was the plan: I was going to have lunch at Punjabi Kitchen. 

I walked into a brightly colored yet modern space. My server immediately greeted me at the door and led me to a table. I was asked if I’d like a menu or the buffet. I responded buffet, and he took my drink order. 

And I hit the buffet. It’s not a large buffet in size, but it is large in flavor. I put a little of this and a little of that on my plate, not exactly sure what I would like. But it all looked amazing. I returned to my table, took a deep breath and dug in. Even though I know very little about Indian food, I knew this was amazing. The flavors exploded in my mouth with each forkful. There was nothing that I put on my plate that I didn’t love. 

Punjabi Kitchen is great for lovers of Indian food and newbies, alike. I’d highly recommend the buffet for newbies, so you can get a taste for what you like and don’t like. This is also a great option for vegetarians, since there is a large selection of vegetarian entrées on the menu and the buffet. And with a buffet at lunchtime, this is also a perfect option for those that are looking for quick lunch option during the work week. 

Really, Punjabi Kitchen is a great option for just about anyone with a sense of adventure for great food. 

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