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Rieck’s Gallery, 524 S Main St, Findlay

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Too many to even name

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The hard-to-buy-for person


There is one store in Findlay that I always budget a few hours for, and that would be Rieck’s Gallery. It’s name is a little deceptive. This is not your mother’s gallery. Every nook and cranny is stuffed with unique items that you never knew that you really, really needed. Their framed wine labels make for a neat art piece, or you can personalize it with your own label to preserve a special moment in time. Their tree full of glass bulbs throws off colorful lights that anyone would love to have in their home. Know a wonderful host or hostess that is looking for unique serveware? You can find that on the third floor. Plus, they have more traditional art pieces throughout the store, and they appeal to all tastes. So if you are absolutely stuck on what to get someone on your list, stop into Rieck’s. You’ll be surprised by what you come out with.

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