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Riverside ParkAs a child, I remember toes in grass and running… Lots and lots of running. Not so much climbing, because I was very afraid of heights. But I do remember watching in awe as my brother climbed effortlessly to the heights that scared me so. And then there was the sun. There was something so lovely about sprawling out on the cool grass and feeling the hot sun beat down on you. Even if it meant my mom grabbing me every so often to roughly put sunblock on me, it was worth it. 

During this last weekend of summer vacation, what lasting memories can you make for your kids?

A family picnic is a great choice. Passing around the pasta salad. The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers grilling to that perfect juiciness. And a game of kickball is totally going to happen.

Getting a little wet and wild on the Blanchard River could also be fun. Rent canoes and spend some time exploring with your family. Who knows what you’ll see? Everything is just a little quieter and a little more fun on the water.

Make a splash in a pool. What kid does not have an awesome memory of the perfect cannonball? Or how about all of the giggles that come with a splash fight? And who hasn’t had a contest to see who could hold their breath under the water the longest?

Or maybe this weekend needs to be a little quieter. A walk could be in order. That moment that your child holds out his hand for yours simply melts your heart and makes an ordinary weekend spectacular.

Where can you create these memories and more? At Riverside Park.

In our latest video, see how Riverside Park has created the memories of the past and how it’s creating new memories for the next generation now:


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