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Riverside Wine FestivalEvery year, there is a weekend in Findlay that is just such a perfect cross-section of Findlay that it can’t be missed. That is of course the Riverside Wine Festival. Last year, I met up with my friend and a few others, and we did this festival up right. I’ve got to tell you that I’ve never been more excited to return to a great event.

There’s the food. If you want to quickly taste some of the best that Findlay has to offer, this is the way to do it. We had tastes from Bread Kneads, Bistro on Main and Rocked Pizza. I’ve got to admit that I’m a huge fan of trying a little bit of everything, and I found some things that I needed to have again immediately. 

Once we got our fill of food, it was time to do what we came for: Drink wine in a beautiful location. The early summer smells and sights of Riverside Park makes it an ideal location for an event. But having a band playing in the shell while you happily go from wine vendor to wine vendor made it even better. 

Riverside Wine FestivalSo we made our way to check out the many regional wineries that had come to town that day. Taste after taste confirmed that Ohio does know wine, especially Northwest Ohio. I tasted everything from dry to sweet wines and had a favorite at every tent. But alas, I was silly and only brought enough money for one bottle. After a hard decision, a red from Paper Moon Wineries won me over (and everyone else that I was with).

This is a great event for couples or girlfriends or ANYONE that loves a great festival dedicated to wine. Be sure to bring cash with you for the food vendors, and prepare yourself to have a lovely afternoon enjoying some of the best parts of Findlay!

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