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Shimmery Belle BoutiqueThere are times I have dreams. I have dreams that I’m skipping around in my own musical where a song can break out any second and I have to be prepared to give that song my all.

Enter Shimmery Belle Boutique.

The two may not seem to be related, but I assure you they are.

While I’m constantly on the verge of breaking out in song, I have to dress the part. So when I entered Shimmery Belle Boutique, my eyes got big. This is the place where I go to dress that part.

The store was filled with brightly colored clothes nestled neatly next to essentials for your closet. And the shoes… I saw the perfect pairs for any dance number that currently lived in my head.

As my hands fell upon the wonderful fabrics, the owner came up to ask if I needed anything. I held myself back from saying, “Everything.” Because that’s what I wanted.

“Well, if you see something, pick it up. I don’t reorder and I only carry limited amounts.”

Perfect. I don’t want anyone wearing the same outfit as me in my musical number. There’s only one star here.

I stopped at a rack of circle skirts. The thought of how they would swish as I walked and spun around was too much for me. And, let’s just say the owner is an enabler of dreams. Before I knew it, I had my hands full of circle skirts, as I was ushered into a dressing room in the back. As I threw on skirts, I settled on a bright fuchsia jersey skirt. The swish on it was by far the best.

I brought my skirt back out and turned my attention to the other items. From little girls clothes to accessories to home decor, this is more than just a clothing shop. This is a lifestyle boutique. It’s a lifestyle where the sun shines a bit brighter, the women revel in their girliness and glitter is a must. And the price is right. My new circle skirt was far less than I would have paid in a department store, and I had far better customer service.

Shimmery Belle Boutique may be the newest kid on the block, but it’s already a must-stop for me. With every stop, I know I’ll be just a bit more prepared when I break out in that big musical number, and that makes me so happy.

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