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Downtown FindlayDowntown Findlay has a story. It’s a many-faceted story, and it’s a story that is always growing.

It starts with beauty. The beauty of our courthouse beckons everyone to come. It clues you into that there is something remarkable going on here, and that it is rooted in a deep history of remarkable. And while you could spend a day pondering the craftsmanship that goes into such a beautiful building, the many unique local businesses will draw you to discover that there is much more to our downtown.

And that’s when you will find out that another part of Downtown Findlay’s story is love. Each business in Downtown Findlay is here because of love. From DorAnne’s love of matching people with just the right gift to the love that RooBarb Studios puts into each item that they create, these businesses are here because they love our town and what they do.

Then the story is about being unique. From the eclectic collection of art and housewares at Rieck’s to We Serve. Coffee donating all of its profits to charity, we can guarantee that we have businesses that sell unique items and are doing business in innovative ways.

Downtown Findlay’s story is also peppered with a bit of the trendy. The Dressing Room Boutique will make sure your outfit is hitting just the right trends, and Trans Am will feed you a bit of the trendiest food with their tasty meatballs. If it’s the latest and the greatest, you will find it here.

And then there is the fun. From the live music at Coffee Amici to the great atmosphere at Alexandria’s to the wine tastings at The Wine Merchant, we are always have a blast in Downtown Findlay.

Our downtown is in the midst of a very special time right now. And that’s why Heritage Ohio named it as a member of the Ohio Mainstreet Program. Check out why we are so proud of our downtown, and we promise you will want to come back again and again and again.

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