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Tomato Soup from BistroI’m an Italian from New York. I idolize the Rat Pack. I crave great Italian food with no fuss. And a glass of wine at the end of a long day is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. I had given up a long time ago on a restaurant in Ohio satisfying my need to get back to my roots. And then came The Bistro on Main.

From the moment that I walked in, I knew I was home.

The dark wood of the interior would have made Sinatra ready to order a bourbon. And the exposed brick gave it a comfortable vibe that made you want to ask if you could move in. Or maybe that’s just me.

I was quickly greeted by a cheerful waitress, who made sure that a soothing dry red was in my hand in no time. And as the owner made his rounds, he landed at our table. He could have been my uncle. A smile never left his face as he talked about his passion for his restaurant and for the future of the food scene in Findlay. As he moved on, I asked my dinner companion, “Are you sure we aren’t in New York?” She confirmed that we were in fact in Findlay, Ohio and that it was awesome.

Mushroom pasta from BistroOur food arrived and we dug into our platefuls of Findlay love. Because food that is this fantastic can only be described as love. My mushroom pasta was total comfort food without being too heavy. Yes, I could totally imagine my grandfather making this for me. And yet, it gave me something different that I couldn’t find in just any old Italian joint.  As we devoured our food in a fashion that was much less lady-like and much more about getting as much of this fabulousness in our mouths as quickly possible, my partner on this trip piped up with, “My husband!” She placed a to-go order immediately, because love like this needs to be shared.

When you go, I highly recommend trying the bruschetta, their tomato soup and one of their dreamy pastas. Be sure to chat with the owner. I assure you won’t regret it.


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