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The Bourbon Affair BarWhen I heard Findlay was getting a bourbon bar, my heart skipped a beat. I eagerly followed the progress on their Facebook page and could not wait to take my first steps into this new Downtown Findlay gem.

And finally the day arrived. The Bourbon Affair was open.

As I entered, I left the bright, cheery street for a new, mystery-filled world. This was not your average gin joint. It was a bourbon joint and anything could happen.

I settled into a dark corner, ready for whatever adventure came my way. My menu fell open and I marveled at the wide selection of bourbons to try. There are over 100, to be exact. As the idea of me sipping from a glass of Evan Williams neat started appealing to me, my eyes fell onto the cocktail list. Before the waitress could even ask me what I wanted, I blurted out, “Manhattan!” Because, in these situations, it’s best to blurt it out before you change your mind yet again.

Then I was left to really take in the place. The dark wood and low-lighting made this feel like the type of place where back room deals happened. And it had the aura of a place that had always been here, instead of a newly opened bar. It felt like it was brimming with history, and I caught myself thinking, “If only these walls could talk…”

The Bourbon Affair CocktailIn a world where we are used to seeing casual everything, the staff is dressed to the nines. With bow ties and swinging pearls, you almost expect them to be on their way to the next party, instead of slinging drinks. They all have the air of adventure with a bit of sin mixed in.

My drink arrived and with it came a simple napkin with single phrase printed on it: “Meet me at The Bourbon Affair.” As I sipped my perfectly mixed cocktail, I pondered this. From cocktails with the girls to bourbon tastings with my husband to making business plans with colleagues, The Bourbon Affair is really the perfect addition to both my life and the perfect addition to Downtown Findlay. It’s an affair that we’ll all want to come back to.

So who wants to meet me at The Bourbon Affair?

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