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The FernWhen we ask people where their favorite Findlay meal is, it’s not unusual for us to be greeted with chants of, “The Fern,” and, “There is nothing better than the Fern’s meatloaf sandwich.” It inspired me to make a date with one of my friends to check out if this is really true. 

He met me at the bar of the Fern. I took the whole place in and felt instantly familiar with my new surroundings. There was something intimately connected with the joints I grew up with.

“Do you want to eat at the bar or at a table?” 

I looked at the bar and even though it was tempting to have that moment of pure rebellion by sitting at the bar at 12 noon, I opted for a table. “But it looks like the tables are all taken.” He shook his head, and I followed him into a second room where we found an empty seat.

Our waitress greeted us by giving us menus. The menu was full of those comfort foods that you just want to hug. With the colder weather out, I kind of wanted to order one of everything to keep me warm. But instead, we settled on meatloaf sandwiches, chili, fries and poppers. Classics upon classics to really get the taste of a classic Findlay gem. 

As we waited for our food to arrive, we found out probably the best part of the Fern: How it inspires conversation. We caught up on everything from guitars to kids, and it had everything to do with being in a down home location such as the Fern.

And when our food did arrive, it was as good as everyone says. That meatloaf sandwich is everything you want in your stomach right now and more. And everything else? Yes, a winter’s day can’t be complete without a bowl of their chili, and the fries and poppers hit that spot that I was looking for.

Just a heads up that when you do get your check, be sure to pay up at the bar. They do not take credit cards, so be sure to bring your cash.

Overall, the Fern is a perfect place to catch up with friends or to enjoy as a family.

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