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Purses at Trends on MainI was walking down the street with every intention of looking and dreaming of our beautiful historic homes. My eyes were straight ahead, but something caught my eye. It was just beautiful. I stopped in front of the window, tilted my head and made my way back to enter the store.

I’m not a girly girl, so I can’t really explain this. I just know that I was having a moment where I was dreaming of being a princess, and I was riding that wave.

I introduced myself to the salesperson at Trends on Main, Ashley. She greeted me with a smile and a willingness to show me anything that might make me happy. My eye quickly went to the window. I thought it was imperceptible, but the next words out of Ashley’s mouth were, “I’d even be willing to take anything out of the window for you.”

I shook my head no and said that I was more than willing to just look at the lovely things scattered throughout the store. This was just a flirtation. You don’t dive after flirtations. You steal glances when no one is looking.

I walked through the store, marveling at how they had just about everything a girl would need. Interesting accessories, beautiful purses and stuff that was just fun dotted the store, along with a tremendous selection of dresses. I flipped through it all, while dreaming of what would go best with my flirtation. I had all of the makings for becoming a princess at my fingertips, but I also could see the everyday me thinking that a little of this and a little of that could work with some of my outfits.

Trends on Main DressAs I bit my lip, I finally couldn’t help myself. “Ashley, were you serious that you would get something out of the window for me? I mean, even if it’s ridiculous?”

She laughed. “Definitely.”

I pointed it out, and she happily brought it into the middle of the store so we could both admire it. It was a bright pink printed dress fit for the princess that I believe lives inside of me.

Ashley informed me that I had just missed seeing someone try it on. And then she sighed, “When I was in high school, we didn’t have anything like this for prom.” She was obviously daydreaming too.

I thought back to my black prom dress that perfectly fit into the “Titanic”-theme of the year. “We mostly wore black and navy to my prom. I wish I had been this lucky when I went.” And as if on cue, we both tilted our head at it, dreaming of how we would have looked in this dress while on the arm of a lovely boy in a tux.

Trends on Main is a great place to dream, but an even better place to get all the stylings that will help you look your best. I highly recommend taking some time to go through their accessories for some great looks and then rummaging through their dresses for a great event or for just a bit of daydreaming. And if you are lucky enough to be there when Ashley is, she will totally help you in both endeavors.



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