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Everyone is talking about it. The eclipse is happening on August 21! And since another almost total solar eclipse won’t be visible in Hancock County for seven years, it’s time to make plans for how to see it. 

But one word of caution: You can cause permanent damage to your eyes if you try to view this eclipse without protection for your eyes. 

So if you want to view the eclipse, here’s what you need to know about seeing it in Hancock County:

Prepare for the Eclipse

On August 19, the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library is helping the public prepare for the eclipse with a free program. The solar eclipse program will teach you all about the eclipse and how to make a pinhole projector for viewing. If you have been unable to get glasses to see the eclipse, this is a great option. 

Go to a Watch Party

There are plenty of watch parties going on around the county. Because of the popularity of this event, definitely call ahead to any watch party you are planning to attend to make sure you are registered (if needed) and that they are not at capacity. 

Want to watch the eclipse with a themed drink in your hand? Go to Alexandria’s watch party. You can sip a Solar Slam or a Sunblocker while watching the moon pass over the sun. 

Want to view the eclipse with an expert? Go to the University of Findlay’s watch party. Steven Wild, Assistant Professor of Physics, will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the event. 

Want to see the eclipse with free snacks? Go to The Heritage’s watch party. You’ll be able to find fun themed snacks like moon pies or sun chips.

Interested in seeing the event indoors? The event at the Bluffton Public Library is currently at capacity, so they will be livestreaming the eclipse in various areas throughout the library. This is a safe option for anyone that cannot get a pair of special glasses for the eclipse. 

And after the eclipse is over, be sure to check our events calendar for other events going on around the county. 

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