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Hi there. So glad you could drop by. I have a little story to tell you. It’s a story about our town: Findlay, Ohio.

Findlay is known as Flag City and I think it fits. We love to wave our flag loud and proud, because this is home. You may not have been born here and you may not live here now, but I guarantee that we will still make you feel like home when you’re here.

Take a stroll through our downtown. Make a stop in The Gaslight Gallery. I assure you that you will leave with the history of all the pieces that currently live there and a list of places that you need to stop in next.

Check out the Main Street Deli, a sandwich shop like none other. This is one of our hometown favorites. I think it’s because it’s a little different. And hey, we’re a little different. But just like the deli, we’re always willing to give you a guide and we’ll know your name by the time you leave.

Don’t forget about dessert. Dietsch’s would be our breakfast, lunch and dinner if we could swing it. The finest chocolates and the tastiest ice cream is matched with an old time feel. And don’t be surprised if you find one of the brothers behind the counter, surveying the magic he has created with a smile on his face.

And finish it off with a stop at the Bistro. Sip some wine and dig into some fantastic food. Why yes, that is the owner that just stopped at your table. He just wanted to see how you are and if you knew what exciting things were up next for our hometown.

Yes, we’re different. Yes, we’re proud. We’re Findlay and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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