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The Gathering Sac Du Bon BonI’m the type of person that when everybody is sitting back, patting their bellies from a large meal, I ask to waitress about the dessert menu. I really like dessert in all forms and am always on the hunt for the best and the tastiest. In fact, when I was chatting with a friend the other day and giving local restaurant recommendations, I found myself chatting more about the amazing desserts than the entrées.  And that says a lot when most of these restaurants have amazing entrées as well!

So where should you leave room for yummy desserts? Here are just a few of the places I think you should do just that:

Sac Du Bon Bon at The Gathering

This is a chocolate box filled with chocolate mousse and also includes berries and whipped cream. There is nothing in that last sentence that doesn’t scream awesome, and this dessert definitely deserves this description. Although you’ll be tempted to want to keep this all to yourself, you will need to share. On my trip to taste this at The Gathering, we had four girls attack this dessert, and it was the perfect size to please all of us. Just a few bites of this delectable dessert will send you straight to heaven. 

Ice Cream Tasting at Stix

Refreshing and perfect for any summer day. You could pretty much say that about all of the food at Stix. So it’s not surprising that the ice cream fits that bill as well. And while I know that this is a controversial statement to make, the tahitian vanilla is hands down the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. In no way is it boring. It’s complex and full of flavor. If Stix can do that with ice cream that is typically thought of as boring, imagine what they can do with the other three scoops you will find on your plate. And in case you were wondering, this is not a dessert that is meant to be shared. In fact, I won’t blame you if you slap the hand of anyone that tries to get a taste. 

Buggy Whip Bakery Sweet DreamsSweet Dream Cookie at Buggy Whip Bakery

It’s really hard to choose just one cookie from Buggy Whip Bakery. Every one is perfect in its own unique way. But I am very partial to the Sweet Dream Cookie. It’s buttery without being greasy. The chocolate chips and walnuts are plentiful without over-powering the yummy cookieness. And it wouldn’t surprise anyone if you ate several in one sitting. Keep in mind that this shop bakes everything fresh every day, so when something runs out, it’s gone for the day. So if you want that Sweet Dreams Cookie, be sure to get there first thing in the morning.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels from Dietsch Brothers

No dessert list is complete without mentioning Dietsch Brothers. And although you could make an excellent case for the ice cream, it’s clear that the real favorite is the chocolate-covered pretzels. People travel to Findlay just to eat these. And whether you eat them plain or mixed in with the awesome ice cream, you’re going to be one happy individual. The chocolate is perfectly sweet and mixes well with the saltiness of those pretzels. You can get them in dark, white or milk chocolate, but I highly suggest sticking with the milk chocolate. And then you better hide them if you want the whole bag to yourself, because they are that popular.

Who has your favorite Findlay dessert? 

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