Luke's Bar and GrillIt all started with a Facebook picture. 

Jody Combs asked her friends on Facebook if they could identify where she was and posted a picture of an tasty burger with a incredible pile of portobello fries next to it. I needed to know more. After several wrong guesses, someone finally came up with the answer: Luke’s Bar and Grill. I cleared my schedule and planned my trip. 

Luke’s is only a short twenty minute drive from Findlay, a straight shot on I75. Those portobello fries would be mine. 

As I drove the next day, I wondered if I would be entering a world full of backwards ballcaps and plaid shirts, like the Luke’s of my favorite tv show. I couldn’t help it. 

But no, this is not that Luke’s. However, it’s equally famous. 

An unruly guest crashed into the restaurant. It was a deer and the video went viral, even making it to some well-known television shows. 

If that’s the only think you know about Luke’s, you’re missing out. 

I walked into the restaurant to find a roomy place perfect for large groups. It’s also comfortable enough for families.

Televisions were playing different sports, and I settled into a location where I could easily catch a baseball game while I ate. 

The bartender came out from behind the bar and cheerfully took my order. Despite the good selection of beers, I passed on indulging at lunch. I settled on a grilled cheese and a soda. 

“Fries or chips?”

Sheepishly, I said, “I was told to order the portobello fries.” A knowing smile appeared on her lips. I knew I had made the right choice. 

My food appeared before me quickly and I dug in. My grilled cheese was the perfect mix of ooey gooey and crispiness, making me almost forget about the pile of mushrooms laying next to it. But finally, I turned my attention to them. I tried them solo, and I tried them dipped in ranch. There was no wrong way to eat them. I mourned the fact that my belly wasn’t bigger when it was eventually full of those fries. 

I paid my bill and left with plans to return soon.

Luke’s Bar and Grill is perfect for a guy’s night or a family night. It can accommodate just about any size group, and the friendly service will make you feel right at home. 


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