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Findlay Gifts for MomMom. She put up with a lot from you when you were growing up. We don’t even want to talk about the number of things you broke. So why are you thinking of getting her a run-of-the-mill, last-minute gift for Mother’s Day? 

We assure you that you can do better. 

So put down that generic card and take a trip to one of those places for the perfect gift.

Small Vase from Objects of Desire Artful Living

This is one of those amazing ideas that make us wonder why we never thought of it. Kids love giving their moms and grandmas the dandelions they pick. So why not make those dandelions a little more special with a beautiful small vase to put them in? We were in love with the tiny vases we found at Objects of Desire Artful Living for just this purpose, and we think the mom in your life will be as well. 

Box of Chocolates from Dietsch Brothers

Whether you go with chocolate-covered pretzels or truffles, your mom will love this. Dietsch Brothers just knows how to do chocolate better than anyone. The hardest part is making sure you don’t eat all of the chocolates before you give them to your mom. You better buy two boxes. 

Stamped Jewelry from RooBarb Studios

Are you bad at telling your mom how much you love her? Then a piece of stamped jewelry from RooBarb Studios is perfect. The wonderful sayings can tell your mom just how you feel without you ever having to say a word. And with the reasonable price point, you can explore the other amazing items in the backroom to add to your present. Your mom will feel completely spoiled without you breaking the bank. 

Shopping Day in Downtown Findlay

You probably don’t spend enough time with your mom, do you? Change that by scheduling a shopping day together. You can check out all of the spring and summer clothes at The Dressing Room Boutique, Shimmery Belle Boutique and Trends on Main. You can cap it off with cocktails at The Bourbon Affair and dinner at one of many amazing local restaurants downtown. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what you did growing up. Your mom loves you and the best gift of all is time together. 

How are you spoiling mom for Mother’s Day?

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