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pączki day fort findlay An instant way to get people in Northwest Ohio excited? Mention Pączki Day.

To the uninitiated, Pączki Day is celebrated on Fat Tuesday by eating the tasty pączki. It’s similar to jelly filled doughnut, but the dough tends to include grain alcohol. So yes, sugar and alcohol. Two things that a lot of people tend to give up for Lent. So it’s a great way to get in a little sin and overindulgence just before a period of sacrifice.

Where did this tradition originate? It actually came from Poland. According to Wikipedia, pączki, in its current form, came to be because a Polish king had French cooks that put their own spin on the delicacy. In Poland, Pączki Day is actually celebrated on Fat Thursday, but the tradition was moved to Fat Tuesday when it came over to the United States.

This has become such a beloved treat that it’s not unusual to hear many people begging for them on Fat Tuesday. But we have some bad news for you: Pączki is a regional treat. So if you want a bite of this indulgence, you better make a plan to visit us!

So now that you know a little bit about the holiday and the pastry, it’s time to plan where to celebrate, right?

Fort Findlay Coffee & Doughnut Shoppe

Fort Findlay Coffee & Doughnut Shoppe is a fantastic place to get your pączki fix. And bonus: If you’re giving up coffee, you’ll be able to get a great cup here too. Here, you’ll find flavors such as apple raspberry and Bavarian creme. At $1.25 a piece, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable way to celebrate Fat Tuesday. So be sure to buy a baker’s dozen and be the hero of your office.


Okay, this may be an untraditional pick, and to be honest, Stix isn’t planning on serving traditional pączkis. But the beignets are so tasty that we couldn’t help adding this place to the list. Perks of this place is that your beignet can follow a fresh and healthy lunch or dinner, so you won’t feel like you’re totally overdoing it at one meal. And if you have it with your dinner, it’s a great way to get that last indulgence in.

Looking for other ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday? Many local restaurants are having celebrations, including Findlay Wine Merchant‘s celebration that will include seafood etouffee and andouille dog. Be sure to come to Findlay to have your own tasty Fat Tuesday adventure!

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