About Findlay and Hancock County

Located in the northwest portion of the state, Hancock County (See Map) is 533.6 square miles in area. Hancock County includes Findlay, the county seat, a portion of Bluffton (See Map) and Fostoria (See Map) along with several villages.

Findlay’s origin dates back more than 200 years. The earliest known settler of Hancock County was a Frenchman by the name of Jean Jacques Blanchard. Blanchard arrived here in 1769 and settled with the Shawnee tribe of Native Americans.

It was not until the war of 1812 that Findlay was founded. In that year, Colonel James Findlay commanded a regiment for General Hull. He moved the Ohio Frontier Army from Dayton to Detroit, opening a road to the Blanchard River and building a stockade. That stockade was named Fort Findlay in his honor. The fort stood west of the spot where the Main Street Bridge today crosses the Blanchard River.

The city’s population grew rapidly in 1886 when gas and oil were discovered. The discovery led to much attention for Findlay. Thousands came to see the famous gas wells and the first practical use of natural gas in mechanical arts was developed in Findlay. As a result of the boom, the town quadrupled in population virtually overnight. The gas proved to be of short duration, but continued oil discoveries enabled the town to move forward with steady population growth.

Industry and agriculture combined to provide a strong and well-integrated basis for the community’s prosperity. The majority of Findlay’s manufacturing plants have grown from within the community itself, although others have been attracted by the positive business climate.

Villages in Hancock County:

Arcadia » See Map
This name is a district in Greece, long praised for its simple life and the contentment of its people. The name Arcadia has come to signify this type of life and typifies the Arcadia of Hancock County.

Arlington » See Map
More than 30 towns in the United States bear this name. It comes from the Earl of Arlington, an English statesman who was Lord Chamberlain when King Charles II ruled.

Benton Ridge » See Map
U.S. Senator Thomas Benton of Missouri was a distinguished leader in the country. The “ridge” part of the name refers to the fact that the town is located on a ridge, which was one of the ancient beaches of a lake.

Findlay » See Map
The Hancock County seat, Findlay was named for Colonel James Findlay of Cincinnati, who built Fort Findlay in the War of 1812 while traveling to Detroit with General Hull’s troops.

Jenera » See Map
Dr. A.B. Jenner was the town’s first doctor and postmaster. A variation of his name became the village’s name.

McComb » See Map
The town was first called Pleasantville. Later, the town was named McComb to honor the town’s first doctor, Dr. Samuel McComb Turner.

Mount Blanchard » See Map
The Blanchard River, which runs through this village, was named for Jacques Blanchard, a French tailor, who lived among the area’s Native Americans. The “mount” portion of the name refers to some high banks along the river in that area.

Mount Cory » See Map
Judge D.J Cory of Findlay was one of the county’s early leaders. The “mount” was added to avoid confusion with the town Carey in Wyandot County.

Rawson » See Map
Dr. LaQuineo Rawson was the first president of the railroad that runs through town. He practiced medicine in Findlay and Fremont and was a brother of Dr. Bass Rawson, Findlay’s first doctor.

Van Buren » See Map
This town was named for Martin Van Buren when he was Vice President of the United States.

Vanlue » See Map
William Vanlue, a pioneer resident, laid out the town which was then named for him.

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