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Reach for the Stars mural

Located outside the Kan Du Studio this mural encourages all to reach for the stars.  A signature product of the studio is a painted metal star, inspired by the organization’s can-do attitude. This product has become well known in the Findlay area as an award that businesses aspire to receive.  The company culture and popularity of the Kan Du star, was the inspiration for the mural on the side of the Kan Du Group building. As a result, our community and all who visit can reach for the stars.

The mural, designed by Kan Du Group’s Marketing Coordinator, Jodi Hassan and painted by Kan Du team members Lindsay Cervantes, Kelly Sparks and studio artists Brian R, Mia W-Y, and Stephen C.

Learn more about the artist and this mural here!

This mural was created as part of Awakening Minds Art’s ‘Art Makes me Connected’ program. AMA teamed up with the City of Findlay, local artists, and local businesses to design and paint interactive murals throughout Findlay during the summer of 2021. AMA encourage you to visit, take selfies and post on social media using hashtag #artmakesmeconnected.