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3 Fun Ways to Discover Findlay HistoryWhen you walk down our streets, you feel the rich history our community has. Findlay history permeates everything in downtown thanks to Gas Boom. 

Never heard of the Gas Boom? In the late 1800s, Findlay was the center of oil and natural gas production. That resulted in gorgeous architecture, including our courthouse. 

Want to know more? Then take a journey and explore Findlay history with these three activities:

Stop at the Hancock Historical Museum

It’s only right to start your discovery of Findlay history at the Hancock Historical Museum. Here you will find exhibitions that celebrate great moments in our history. But you will also find special events that dive even deeper. From American Girl teas for the kids to Brown Bag Lectures for the adults, there’s an event for every age and level of interest. 

Tour the Hancock County Courthouse

The Gas Boom brought our community many wonderful things, but arguable the best is the Hancock County Courthouse. The details make it a wonder to behold. And trying to take it all in at once is just impossible. It’s just too amazing. If you want more context on the building and the historical events that happened inside, make an appointment for a tour. There is an endless amount to learn and the best way to do it is from an expert on a tour. 

Discover Our Historical Homes

One of our strengths as a community is the beauty of our homes. Many have been immaculately maintained and will leave you breathless with their beauty. And the perfect time to check them out is now. The warmer weather means it’s a great time to take a walking tour of Findlay history and luckily, we have put together a walking tour just for our homes. So walk down our streets and imagine what it might have been like to be on those same streets over one hundred years ago. Just keep in mind as you explore that many of the homes are private property. 

With our rich Findlay history, there are so many chances to learn about those that came before. Take advantage of it and pass on these stories to the next generation. 

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