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Buggy Whip Bakery, 111 E. Crawford St., Findlay

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Cookie Platter

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Time is short and there is still a lot to do. Do you really want to spend this valuable time chained to the kitchen hoping that you don’t burn another batch of cookies? Wouldn’t you rather spend it with a cup of hot cocoa while staring gleefully at the beautiful Findlay tree? Get yourself out of that kitchen right now and head over to Buggy Whip Bakery. Their cookies have a homemade taste that will never give you away. I suggest going heavy with their Sweet Dreams cookie, as it really will give sweet dreams to anyone that tastes it. Your friends will think that you’re a genius in the kitchen, and you can soak in all of the applause. But beware, they will ask you for your recipes. You can just tell them that they are a family secret. You don’t have to tell them which family…

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