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Danielle Wilkin

Danielle Wilkin is the Community Relations and Development Manager for Visit Findlay and lives in Findlay with her husband Jacob and their sons, Eli and Grant.  Danielle is a 4-H advisor, Kiwanian, community volunteer, a font nerd, and, in her free time, enjoys discovering hidden gems in the county, watching too much reality TV, and avoiding cooking supporting local restaurants.

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Silver Linings during a Pandemic

Normally when I write for our website I’m coming from the position of getting a chance to share what aspect of our community my family explored recently (or where

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Meet The Urban Market’s New Owner!

If you've recently popped in to The Urban Market, a new face may have been the one greeting you at the door.  Lauren McKinniss took over the reins of

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The Great Soft-Serve Ice Cream Debate

Look, we all did some crazy things in quarantine.  Some completed the Heinz Ketchup puzzle.  Some binged Tiger King.  Some home-schooled their kids, which wasn't actually crazy

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Alissa Preston

Been in Findlay for yrs.

Alissa is a Findlay native and proud alumni of Findlay High School

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