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Danielle Wilkin

Danielle Wilkin is the Community Relations and Development Manager for Visit Findlay and lives in Findlay with her husband Jacob and their sons, Eli and Grant.  Danielle is a 4-H advisor, Kiwanian, community volunteer, a font nerd, and, in her free time, enjoys discovering hidden gems in the county, watching too much reality TV, and avoiding cooking supporting local restaurants.

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Attend your Hometown Festival

Summer is now well in its prime! What does that mean exactly? Well…it means hometown festivals are coming up! Why is that important? Because hometown festivals are the biggest events

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Hit the Blanchard River Water Trail

While I know summer is winding down the opportunities for outdoor fun in Findlay and Hancock County don't have to stop.  In fact, they may even get better! A couple months

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Celebrate your Hometown Pride this Summer

We frequently say that the heart of our community can be found in the local villages of Hancock County.  This is never on better display than in the summer, when

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Alissa Preston

Been in Findlay for yrs.

Alissa is a Findlay native and proud alumni of Findlay High School

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