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Every time I travel, my first question is always, “What is the local ice cream?” Ice cream makes me really happy. And let’s be honest, you can never try too much ice cream. I maybe have dreams of falling into a big vat of ice cream and having to eat my way out.

When I landed in Findlay, I asked my customary question. Only one name was mentioned: Dietsch Brothers. Well, Dietsch Brothers was kind of mentioned even when I wasn’t asking about sweets. I quickly learned that this was one of the most beloved places and that you have not truly been to Findlay until you’ve made  your pilgrimage. So yes, it was time to earn my Findlay stripes.

I walked into the shop and instantly tried to develop tunnel vision to not get distracted by the infamous case. This was an ice cream mission! The case would have to wait, regardless of how much it really wanted to be my new best friend. And oh what a best friend it could be…

I finally let myself take in my surroundings when I turned the corner into the ice cream section of the store. I found myself in a magical world that I hadn’t been in since I was in elementary school. It was an old fashioned ice cream shoppe. All the details were there, from the aprons on the employees to the curves on the chairs. And that’s when I spied the case that no one had warned me about. All of their ice creams are perfectly packaged from quart-sizes to a tasting package that includes scoops of a dozen brightly colored ice creams. I was lost in this awesome sight when I heard a voice.

“Can I get you something?”

“Yes, one of each, please,” was what I wanted to say. Instead, I showed some self-restraint. “What is the local favorite?”

A sheepish grin spread across his face. “Well, just about everything.”

I knew it! So yes, I really should try everything. But that ugly self-restraint reared its wicked head again and I settled on peanut butter.

I found my way to a seat and dug in. What I like about Dietsch Brothers is that they are not following the trends. They aren’t trying to be pretentious. They’re just trying to make amazing ice cream that makes people happy. And I felt happy one creamy bite after another.

As I sat there, a little girl came in dressed to the nines with her grandparents. She skipped up to the counter and I overheard her grandmother say, “Are you sure?” There was a nod in return. The next thing I knew, this little girl had one of the biggest sundaes I had ever seen and a grin that was a mile wide. My kind of girl. As she sat, her feet didn’t touch, so she swung them freely as she tried to accomplish the feat of finishing something that I’m sure that had stumped many twice her size. I couldn’t help myself. I closed my eyes and swung my feet freely. Oh to be that little girl for just a second was so very sweet.

As I walked out, I stopped at that case that I tried to ignore before. I had to try some of their famous chocolates as well. I ended up with peanut butter meltaways that did not even last the night. They were just too good.

I have found my happy place. It’s wrapped up in charms that I didn’t know existed anymore. And every trip back there makes me wish I could live at Dietsch Brothers.



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