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The Place

Dietsch Brothers, 400 West Main Cross Street or 1217 Tiffin Avenue, Findlay

The Gift

A box of milk chocolate covered pretzels

Who to Give This Gift to

Co-workers or Clients


You can’t go wrong buying just about anything that Dietsch’s offers. That familiar green box is guaranteed to elicit cheers and spontaneous declarations of love. So it was hard to pick just one thing to suggest, but if I am going to do it, it has to be the chocolate covered pretzels. The saltiness of the pretzels just goes so well with the sweetness of Dietsch’s chocolate that quite a few people are known to make stops in Findlay just for this treat. And at least at my house, these pretzels do not last long. What better way to reward those that you love to work with every day than with this famous treat? We certainly can’t think of a better one. And if one of your co-workers does exclaim declarations of love after getting this present, it’s okay. Just put your hand on his shoulder and nod knowingly. After all, we have all been there.

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